Driver Insights 2021: Increase Driver Satisfaction, Improve your Bottom Line

Research from TransForce Group

July 15, 2021

Driver Insights 2021: Increase Driver Satisfaction, Improve your Bottom Line

How can you Attract and Retain the Truck Drivers of Today?

The United States is facing an unprecedented CDL driver shortage that shows no signs of slowing down.  Carriers across the nation have pulled out all the stops to attract and retain today's CDL talent - from the promise of exceptional signing bonuses, to substantially increased pay rates.

But the reactive response to the current driver shortage will not pull the industry out of the predicament it has been facing for decades - it's time to know our drivers, their needs and build a sustainable solution to keep America moving.

In this research, we deep dive into the preferences and social behaviors of the men and women of all ages and levels of experience who distribute more than 70% of goods across the country. Over 500 CDL drivers responded to our questions on work preferences, what they really seek from their employers, how they like to spend their free time - and more. 

This research serves as a guide to improving your ability to attract and retain the drivers of today with sustainable incentive programs and a rewarding business culture. It is also a call-to-action for an industry in great need of transformation. 

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