TransForce Announces the Formation of TransForce Group

February 4, 2019

TransForce Announces the Formation of TransForce Group

ALEXANDRIA, VA TransForce, the nation’s leading provider of workforce solutions to the transportation and logistics industry, today announced the formation of TransForce Group, its new parent company.

The company will now deliver its solutions through three service lines: TransForce Group Education and Training Solutions, TransForce Group Recruiting and Employment Solutions, and TransForce Group Compliance and Safety Solutions.

 “This is an exciting time for us,” TransForce Group President and CEO David Broome said. “The creation of TransForce Group enables us to deliver our comprehensive solutions in a way that no other company in transportation services is doing today.”

 Over the last 10 years, TransForce has been systematically building out its vision of creating a complementary suite of programs, processes, technology, and expertise to serve professional drivers and motor carriers. The company has delivered strong organic growth and has made 15 strategic acquisitions in that same time. The new structure and branding more accurately reflect TransForce Group’s range of services. 

TransForce Group is uniquely positioned to provide innovative services to the transportation industry, which faces ongoing pressures related to recruiting and retaining drivers, increased regulations, and accelerated need for outsourcing services. In particular, the recent acquisition of The CDL Schools allows TransForce Group to provide a network of CDL driving schools, as well as opportunities for non-driver veterans to become certified drivers through their Troops into Transportation program. 

Today, TransForce Group driver and customer-centric service lines provide critical solutions to motor carriers, corporations, insurance companies, and government agencies by training, placing and employing highly sought-after drivers, while helping customers navigate key challenges and opportunities in the changing world of transportation. TransForce Group also provides drivers and motor carriers with the resources and tools they need to stay safe, compliant and successful on and off the road. 

“We are better positioned to grow and have the technology to respond faster, while continuing our commitment to the highest standards in quality, safety and compliance, which are essential to the transportation industry and the driving public,” Broome said.

About TransForce Group

TransForce Group serves the transportation and logistics industry with its three service lines, Education and Training Solutions, Recruiting and Employment Solutions, and Compliance and Safety Solutions. TransForce Group helps professional drivers advance their skills and careers through its products and services. Whether serving third-party logistics, private fleets, or trucking companies, TransForce Group recruits and retains a diverse workforce, including veterans through its Troops into Transportation program. TransForce Group is a recognized leader for improving the compliance and safety of its customers and the driving public. The company operates in the U.S. and Canada.

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Katherine Petty MacLane

Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Communications