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TransForce Group and Data Bid Machine Announce Strategic Partnership

May 11, 2020

TransForce Group and Data Bid Machine Announce Strategic Partnership

ALEXANDRIA, VA  — TransForce Group and Data Bid Machine are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, bringing Data Bid Machine’s deep learning engine to the transportation recruitment industry to revolutionize how drivers connect with carriers through search engines and social media platforms.

With an increasing number of companies competing for drivers’ attention on search engines and social media, the cost and time to recruit a driver through these channels has continued to rise. The typical strategies employed to utilize these channels depend on constant human monitoring. Data Bid Machine’s technology brings a new strategy to the table. Through its deep learning engine and robust keyword expansion, recruitment campaigns on search engines and social media are automatically updated, 24/7.

“We were looking for a way to improve results from our own search engine marketing when we came across Data Bid Machine,” said Jon Maly, President of Digital Recruiting for TransForce Group. “After working with their team for several weeks, their deep learning engine quickly trained itself to optimize for transportation using our conversion data. Our driver applications have significantly increased.”

Thus far, Data Bid Machine has helped identify the highest converting keyword combinations with the lowest average Cost-Per-Click (CPC). TransForce Group has increased impressions on keywords by 5,000%.

“We continue to identify new use cases across a wide range of industries where Data Bid Machine’s Deep Learning Marketing AI can make a meaningful impact on improving business performance, even during these challenging times. However, before working with TransForce Group, we had not considered the impact Data Bid Machine could have on the driver recruitment market.” said Scott Gifis, Former President of AdRoll, a Division of NextRoll, and Board Member at Data Bid Machine. “We are thrilled to advance our partnership with TransForce Group, a recognized leader and innovator in the transportation industry. The combination of their deep industry expertise and Data Bid Machine’s technology has already shown marked improvements for their customers and it should only improve as this partnership continues to evolve.”


About TransForce Group

TransForce Group is a recognized leader in the transportation and logistics industry with its four service lines, Education and Training, Digital Recruiting, Employment Solutions, and Compliance and Safety. Whether serving third-party logistics, private fleets, or trucking companies, TransForce Group remains the driver’s choice for employment and education, and the carrier’s choice for workforce solutions. In addition, TransForce Group recruits and retains a diverse workforce, including veterans through its Troops into Transportation program. The company operates in the U.S. and Canada. Additional information about TransForce Group can be found at

About Data Bid Machine

Data Bid Machine is a Deep Learning AI Technology company focused on improving Search Advertising performance. The company’s technology amplifies the power of marketers’ programs by helping them substantially expand and elevate the volume of relevant, highly performant keyword optimization strategies by 10-50%.



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