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Why You Should Hire Veterans for Your CDL Driving Jobs

November 10, 2020

Why You Should Hire Veterans for Your CDL Driving Jobs

In addition to their experience behind the wheel, military veterans are motivated, disciplined, and proven team players.

Veterans can often have a hard time transitioning back into civilian life once they complete active duty. Fortunately, many of the skills these veterans hone in the military can be directly applied to the trucking industry, making them excellent candidates for CDL driving positions.

“Veterans bring a skillset that is embedded during boot camp and ongoing training throughout their career.  The military instills the best qualities that make a great truck driver,” says Giovanni Colosi, Vice President, Driver Careers, TransForce Group. “Veterans display leadership, dependability, self-discipline, attention to detail, critical thinking, mental stamina and teamwork.  These qualities are what help keep them safe and reliable on the road, which is important for our customers.”

military veteran work program

TransForce Group trains veterans to become CDL drivers of the future.

Part of TransForce Group’s mission is job placement for veterans through our in-depth CDL training programs with our ever-growing partner trucking companies. We nationally market to and recruit military veterans and civilians to become qualified CDL drivers through training programs offered by The CDL School and Troops Into Transportation. We’re approved for the training of eligible veterans through the GI Bill®, and operate Regional Training and Recruitment Facilities and can serve veterans throughout the USA. We provide comprehensive hands-on training and several highly successful certification programs to help veterans and service members secure their Commercial Driver’s License to begin their career in the commercial trucking industry. 

TransForce Group also partners with carriers to transition nondriving employees into qualified drivers.  Working with many of our partner trucking companies we offer diverse career advancement opportunities for veterans by leveraging military skills and knowledge.

Hire an American Hero Today

With over 2,500 military veterans graduating from our schools each year, and as a U.S. Military Approved Apprenticeship Partner - TransForce Group is your #1 source for Military Veterans in CDL careers. Contact our team today to learn more about this opportunity and place a Veteran behind the wheel for your business.

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