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TransForce Group Helps Your Business Navigate AB5

November 23, 2020

TransForce Group Helps Your Business Navigate AB5

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Will Be Ruling Soon. Is Your Business Ready if AB5 Becomes Law?

AB5 has the potential to impact how motor carriers classify and work with Independent Contractors. The new law would require 1099 drivers to become W2 employees. In addition, firms in California using Independent Contractors would have to prove that these drivers are not actually employees by satisfying criteria under the ABC Test.

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Let TransForce Group Be Your AB5 Partner

Our program is allowing carriers to retain 99% of their current drivers and retain the owner-operator model with their equipment. By partnering with TransForce Group, we can provide:

  • Management of payroll, taxes, w-2s, and employee benefit enrollment
  • Ongoing management of DOT compliant driver qualification files
  • FMCSA compliant drug and alcohol testing program
  • Flex or dedicated drivers
  • Recruiting services

Get AB5 compliant with TransForce Group

By partnering with TransForce Group, we can help you get compliant with AB5 regulations quickly and eliminate the risk of misclassifying workers – so you can continue to keep your trucks moving without disruption to your customers. 

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