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2020 Driver Insights: Highlights and Key Findings

February 4, 2021

2020 Driver Insights: Highlights and Key Findings

It’s no surprise that the driver shortage is a major concern within the trucking industry. Demand, competition and high-turnover place motor carriers in the difficult position of having to continually ensure their trucks are filled. To mitigate this challenge, many employers leverage diverse recruitment strategies to attract driver talent, including the use of job boards and paid marketing campaigns. But are they working effectively?

When it comes to recruitment, put yourself in the driver’s shoes.

Despite best efforts by employers, 61% of drivers state they feel confused about the application process. This confusion leads to higher ad-investment (and cost-per-hire) – as well as lost applicants, and a lost opportunity to keep your trucks on the road. We teamed up with ClearlyRated to survey nearly 800 drivers to learn more about what drivers want (and do not want!) to experience when applying for a job. As a result, we’ve summarized these key findings into key takeaways motor carriers can use to improve their recruitment strategies.

Check out the infographic below for a taste of the highlights uncovered in our 2020 Driver Insights Report and be sure to download your copy today.

Attract and recruit driver talent - InfoGraphic